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May 22nd 2015

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September 26th 2015

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David Stanley Auctions

We hold several specialist tool auctions every year. Twenty years of specialist auctioneering has provided us with an in-depth knowledge of the tools and related items which we sell. This enables us to offer advice to both buyer and seller on all aspects of tools and tool collecting. 

Since 1980 we have sold more over 250,000 lots of tools by auction, way ahead of any other tool auction house in the world. We are purely auctioneers, not dealers, avoiding the danger of a conflict of interest. 

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For a copy of the prices realised from the 65th International Auction click here.



Lot 933 A d/t steel NORRIS No 11 improved pattern mitre plane with rosewood infill and 21/4" snecked iron by Mathieson G+ £3500 - £5000                     Lot 936 A rare steel soled gunmetal NORRIS A28 adjustable chariot plane with rosewood infill and wedge 80% orig 11/4" Norris iron remains all parts stamped 6 G++ £4000-£6000

Lot 896 A most attractive, early miniature 71/2" Dutch pad brace with unusual curved web and boxwood head c/w one pod, good repair at pad o/w G++ £150-250    Lot 384 A fine, rare and very ornate pair of 17c German armourers bronze dividers with decorative 10 1/2" heart pierced legs and wonderful fretted trefoil thumb screws (illustrated Russell fig 222, this lot is also illustrated in Maya Hambley Drawing Instruments 1580-1980 p78 fig 62 also a similar pair of dividers is displayed at the Musee Le Secq des Tournelles in Rouen) an extremely rare and very important piece G++ £3000-5000     A Dutch masons wide 4" brass plumb bob with spacer G++ £25 - 40

A small and very attractive 18c combination hammer withclaw, turnscrew and pricker inside turned ebony handle G £100 - 150  A rare, large size, French file makers hammer with indistinct makers name and correct sloping socket (Ken Hawley would'av been proud of me) and orig curved handle showing pronounced hand grip indentations from years of use G+£120 - 160     A very fine 18c French gentleman's strapped axe with attractively turned hardwood handle 12" o/a G++ £250 - 400

A little used American all boxwood handled screwstem plow plane by P.A.GLADWIN & Co (mark G+) (illustrated Russell fig 784) G++ £200 - 300     A rare 14" x 3 5/8" handled twin iron complex moulding plane by NELSON with rope hole, round topped iron and scrolled wedge G+ £350 - 500

A nice quality Lancashire pattern brass shouldering plane with knurled screw and mahogany handle, ex Bob Funnell collection G++ £120 -180  A rare STANLEY No 340 furring plane (illustrated Russell fig 935) G+ £400 -600   A very pretty gunmetal chariot plane with d/t steel sole 4 1/2" x 1 3/8" with decorative extended sole and ivory infill and wedge (illustrated Russell fig 843) G++ £350 -500

An extremely rare desk model Lord's Calculator slide rule by ELLIOTT Bros London No 4 (the lowest production No. we are aware that still exists) In excellent condition with 9" silvered brass dial, heavy bevelled glass with lacquered brass surround, in its original black slope fronted case with left and right brass handles, lacks its removable lid G++ £2000 - 4000A little used set of Local Standard steel scales by DE GRAVE & Co London No 569 made for the County Borough of Northampton, first check mark E.R. 1905 in unusual, fitted, roll front mahogany carrying case F £100 -150

A Major W.Verner's Complete Sketching Instrument by J.H.STEWARD London c/w compass and folding sights 5 1/2" x 3" in orig leather sleave (Jay Gaynor collection) G  £30 - 50  A very rare 24" two fold boxwood and brass Coggeshall slide rule (more than 1/4" thick section) engraved J.B. 1754 on the brass hinge and I.Burch 1760 on the inside edge. The slide with A B C D scales Girt Line and W.G. and A.G. the opposite arm with 16 gauge points for Boards, Timber, St. Brick, Stone, Cylinder, M.B.S.V, M.B.R.V, A.G.S.V, A.G.R.V, Land MEA, Couch, Brick Work, F.G. W.G.S.V, W.G.R.V. G £800 - 1200  A 3 piece Marquois set in orig fitted mahogany box t/w set of  drawing instruments and smaller pieces under lid (Jay Gaynor collection) G++ £30 - 50

An early and most unusual skew mouth iron badger or shooting plane 15" x 2 1/2" the length of the plane set at an angle to the sole with mahogany infill and handle and scrolled wedge with brass retainers, most unusual G+  £800 - 1200   A magnificent 18c Italian church builders flooring plane in fruitwood 47" x 5 1/2" with integral handle and elaborate rams head carving to the front, a fine carving of probably a church dignitary's head to the front grip, religious letters I.H.S. with cross in heart cartouche and orig scrolled wedge, museum quality G++ £1800 - 2400  A little used STANLEY No 9 cabinet makers block plane with orig "hot dog" handle F £500 - 800

A rare miniature copper and brass oilcan made by KAYES for MECCANO 4" o/a G++ £70 -100A Victorian boxwood kitchen cucumber slicer with cupids bow decoration, the blade held by two bone plates and two bone screws, nice quality treen piece G++  £70 - 100

A surveyors 3 1/2" cross staff with internal handle in orig mahogany box F  £30 - 50    A fine mahogany FULLERS calculator by STANLEY London No 6399/31 c/w brass support attached to the orig mahogany box with instruction leaflet F   £250 - 400    A most attractive Japanese sumitsubo ink line carved with a turtle leaving the sea 10" o/a G+  £100 - 200

A little used STANLEY No 52 chute board and plane G+ £350 - 500A fine and rare late 19c German exhibition display knife, with 27" blade attractively decorated with boy and girl dressed in the 19c style also engraved with the company headquarters and Die Achten DICK Sche, Magnet Diamant Stahle, MESSER & WERKZEUGE, fer Flischer Koche u.s.w. fragendas geschulzte Zeichen. F.DICK. The decorated ebonised handle in the art "nouveau style" with German silver ferrule 40" o/a G+ £1500 - 2500


A rare early thick section 36" four fold boxwood and brass rope makers rule with brass log slide by W CLARKE Wapping Wall, London (1722-1820) with L.S.D. scales, rope, weight, Girt Line etc etc (see The Rule Book p 188 for almost identical rule) some stains at hinge o/w G+ £500-800

A little used Verner's Patent No 3050 cavalry officer's sketching board by ELLIOTT Bros London with integral compass and protractor (Jay Gaynor collection) F £50 - 80