Antique & Modern Woodworking Tools Auction

23 Feb 2018

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Antique & Modern Woodworking Tools Auction

6th April 2018

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David Stanley Auctions


Catalogues will be available shortly for our auction of Antique and Modern Woodworking Tools to be held on 23rd February at the Hermitage Leisure Centre.

This auction will include a fabulous collection of 11 mostley unused Karl Holtey Planes.

30 Norris planes, other tool by Preston, Matthieson, Spiers, Holtzappfel, Lie Nielson, Stanley and Record.

Boxwood rules, levels, gauges, plumb bobs, ploughs and fillesters, saws and chisels.

Many other general tools for use or restoration.

Catalogues available at £5 each.

Online catalogue availble at from 9th February.