General Auction

23 Feb 2018

We are now accepting entires for this auction

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David Stanley Auctions

Further to our IMPORTANT NOTICE in the September catalogue (click here)


Having listened to suggestions from our valued customers and following the poll that was taken at our September auction regarding preferred sale days, Fridays took it by a small margin.

So all 2018 auctions will be held on a Friday with viewing on Thursdays.

Regarding the quality of entries in different auctions we are backtracking slightly in that we will have the February and September Auctions as slightly more special in order to help the overseas visitors and some others who can only attend one or two auctions annually.

All auctions will have internet bidding facilities but we will try and keep some of the more important entries for these two sales (in fact we find many good quality items sell just as well or better in the general auctions).

As mentioned previously all illustrations from all lots in all sales will be shown on “” so there is little need to be producing our very expensive catalogue for a dwindling number of customers who request them.

Catalogues will be available but with text only and a few cover illustrations, the illustration on the internet will be larger and much improved with the facility to have more images of a special tool and the ability to magnify each image. 

We will be happy to accept obituaries and advertisement for new tool books etc. as usual.


Click here for the prices realised from our December Auction