Antique & Modern Woodworking Tools Auction

18th May 2018

We are now accepting lots for this sale

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Latest news - Important Announcement




Due to a reducing quantity of top quality tools coming forward for auction recently, and after much consideration, we have decided to make some changes to our auction format and schedule.

Obviously, a single top quality auction each year is not sufficient as vendors are not too keen on waiting up to 12 months to have their items sold.

So, we will be holding 5 or 6 auctions per annum all of similar quality.

There will be a section in each auction for the tools which would previously have been saved for the International Auctions. Therefore, vendors with special items will have them offered for sale within two months of us receiving them.


Other Changes

Bearing in mind the rapid change to the internet, and the ever increasing costs of producing our catalogues, coupled with the ever decreasing amount of catalogue sales because of the internet, we have decided to stop producing our illustrated catalogues.

We will produce a booklet of the items for sale in each auction similar to our previous General Auction catalogues.

Every lot in every auction will be available for live internet bidding through web site. This site can be used just to peruse the auction up to 2 weeks prior, or to take part by bidding on line during the auction.

Every lot in every auction will be illustrated on the internet and can be enlarged and zoomed in to check we have described them correctly! a feature not available in the printed catalogue, and multiple images of each lot will be provided for the better items on the saleroom site.

Or, you can use ‘Autobid System’ where you can enter your highest bid, on screen, at any time prior to the auction. The system automatically bids for you up to your limit and works extremely well.

For this privilege charge a 3% fee on successful purchases, or you can still bid with us the old fashioned way to save the fee.

Prospective purchasers can also email or telephone us for further information, on any lot, if required.

We realise this is quite a change from what we have been doing for the last 37 years, but if we are going to be able to continue for the next 37 years we have to keep up to date with modern technology.