Antique & Modern Woodworking Tools Auction

01 Feb 2019

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Antique & Modern Woodworking Tools Auction

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David Stanley Auctions

Catalogues for our next auction are now available

The auction will include

An extremely rare 10 3/8" moulding plane by THOMAS GRANFORD (mark G+ 1661-1713) probably the earliest identified British planemaker, with Hildik iron. Until last year this was the only recorded plane marked on the toe by Thomas Granford "at length"; one other similarly marked plane has recently come to light giving credence to the mark. This plane and the confusion with the Francis Purdew planes are discussed in the remarkably well researched "The Case For Francis Purdew or Granfurdeus Disputatus" and "Early Planemakers of London" both by Don & Anne Wing, (a copy of both are included in this lot. The other plane discussed in the book marked T.G on the toe will be available for inspection at the auction) The plane was discovered in America by Paul Kebabian and, for the past 22 years has taken pride of place in the Wing collection, now returning to England for the first time. Not the prettiest moulding plane in the world but possibly the most important (to be sold without reserve) G

Also to include the first portion of the European collection of the John and Janet Wells Collection.


And the first portion of 100 lots from the Joe Shingfield collection of planes and tools by Norwich makers

Prices for the year are :
UK - £25
Europe - £30
Australia - £35
USA - £35 or $45

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